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Transgender & Non-Binary Programs

Rainbow strives to be a welcoming space for people across the gender spectrum to be ourselves, build community, and celebrate our lives! 


Rainbow offers support groups, counseling services and case management for transgender and gender non-binary youth and adults, including those who identify as transgender, non-binary/ non-conforming, genderfluid, agender, questioning, and more. We offer gender support services for community members and their loved-ones, including assistance through social and legal transition, advocacy in school environments, as well as referral and linkage for medical transition services (call for details).

For specific support group meeting dates, please look under "Monthly Calendars."

For Support Groups

please see the slideshow below, for more resources please check below

For more information about counseling and case management services, please go to our "Clinical Services" page 

Transgender & Gender Non-binary Programming for Youth and Adults (Ages 12-18, & 18+)

Gender Voice

Every 2nd and 4th

Mondays, 6-8pm*

Ages 18+

A social support and discussion group for folks interested in exploring their personal gender identity and expression. We hope to lift up the voices of gender minorities and offer a welcoming space for folks across the gender spectrum to be themselves and build community.



Contact Joanna at, or Rae at (925) 692-0090, ext.323

*subject to change, please refer to "Monthly Calendars" 

For more resources for transgender and
gender-expansive children and their families, visit:

Gender Spectrum


Gender Spectrum provides education, training and support to help create a gender sensitive and inclusive environment for all children and teens. Gender Spectrum is also a co-founder of the Child and Adolescent Gender Center (CAGC), which is a unique collaboration between the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and community organizations dedicated to the health and wellbeing of Transgender and other Gender-expansive children.

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