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We offer customized training, consultation, speakers, & panels. It would be an honor to support your employees & leadership to elevate your organizational culture.

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We facilitate a responsive, interactive, hands on, minds on, hearts on learning experience for all participants to grow in their understanding & practices.

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“Our work with Rainbow Community Center was a game-changer for us as an organization. They did a careful analysis, helped us strategize, and led an amazing, heart-felt, and compelling training that really helped shift the tides of our committee's work to make our organization Gender Expansive.”

Leah Graniela-Loving, Senior Manager, Techbridge Girls, Oakland CA

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & Expression (SOGIE)
Professional Development & Training Workshops

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Beyond the Binary

Participants will learn the foundational concepts of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression (SOGIE), identify current outcomes of rigid gender norms in our communities, and devise ways we can begin to break through dominant narratives around the gender binary and heteronormativity.

Image by Tayla Kohler

At the Intersections

Participants will explore intersectionality, how different identities relate and show up in the world, & the impact of both intentional & unintentional communications that may stigmatize a group or many groups of people. These sessions can be customized into a deep dive into SOGIE at the intersection of a particular aspect of identity such as; race, ability, age or faith.

Image by Steve Johnson

SOGIE: LGBTQI+ Fluency & Allyship

Participants will explore the dimensions of gender and sexuality, the importance of pronouns, gender inclusive  language, and looking at personal and community impact of LGBTQI+ Implicit bias, and general best practices for allyship.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

SOGIE: Embracing Liberation

Participants will examine LGBTQI+ history and our movement towards equity. Embracing liberation, we will uplift each other and celebrate current progress and identify areas of need for visibility and justice work. Together we will explore healing strategies and grow in our collective empowerment to overcome obstacles and attain social change.

Image by The Creative Exchange

SOGIE: Affirming & Expansive Approaches

Participants will move beyond a basic understanding of LGBTQI+ topics, exploring expansive allyship practices. We will invite creative and strategic thinking about specific action steps you and your family, community, and/or place of work can take to inform policies, language, facilities, culture and attitude within all our communities.

Image by The Creative Exchange

Expansive Schools

Participants to increase their understanding and develop skills to create safer, more inclusive classroom environments for young people who identify as LGBTQI+. The training will cover the Foundational Concepts of SOGIE, health and educational disparities facing LGBTQI+ youth, laws that protect students, and specific strategies for classroom teachers to implement and resources available.

Image by Jiroe

SOGIE: Growing Awareness & Cultural Humility

Through a SOGIE lens participants will define bias, power and privilege & explore how these topics show up in their lives & within our greater communities and society.

Image by Carlos de Toro @carlosdetoro

Customized Workshops & Consultation

Are you looking for something more specific to your group? We can customize our workshops to meet a specific need or goal of your organization, company, school or group.


We also offer one on one coaching or small group consultation on an hourly basis. Our dynamic facilitators will meet with you or your team to co-create goals and maximize outcomes.

Professional Learning Communities & Training Workshops


Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, & Expression (SOGIE): Basic Training

Participants will learn foundational terms and concepts of SOGIE and steps to become an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community. This is a  great training for beginners, families and friends of people who just came out and ally’s who want a refresher on current language and topics.

SOGIE Series

Rainbow Family Learning Community (RFLC) 

Join our Rainbow Family Learning Community specifically curated for families and allies of youth to learn and grow in their understanding of LGBTQIA+ topics. 

Meet Our Trainers


Christian Aguirre

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Dana TherActivist 

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Dorann “Dodi” Zotigh


Jorge Chamorro

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Jessie Melina Garcia Gutiérrez




Parisa Zamanian

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Robyn Kuslits

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