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Community Stories



Animal Lover, Jewelry Maker, and Member of the Rainbow Community

A member of the Rainbow community since August 2020, Marissa says they know they can count on Rainbow. “It’s the only program that has consistently helped me—and I’ve been through a lot of programs,” Marissa says.



At Rainbow, There Are People Who Will Love You for Who You Are

Jay found Rainbow last fall when he was going through a very difficult time and a friend who has long been a part of Rainbow referred him Rainbow’s Youth Housing Program.

Ivory & Jazmine:

Stability Means Everything

While Ivory and Jazmine have a very busy schedule these days, you can hear the joy in their voices as they share a typical day. As Ivory helps their children ages with their virtual learning and cares for their younger daughter, Jazmine is at work. After school & work, they are busy setting up the new apartment they recently moved into with Rainbow’s support. 

Image by Jaye Haych


Rainbow is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

Being at Rainbow feels very calming. You don’t have to stress. I’m staying in a shelter right now, and my case manager there connected me to Rainbow. It’s really helped me out a lot. 

When you’re at Rainbow, your stress levels go down, and it’s pretty cool to have that support. It’s a community of people just like myself. 


How Rainbow Changed My Life

I was seeking out counseling because I was very anxiety ridden. I was homeless. I had just gotten assaulted, and I was losing it. I was losing myself. I didn’t want to live anymore.

I wanted a clear space where I could go and feel safe. I looked up the closest community center near me, which was Rainbow. 

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