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Meet Rainbow's New
Executive Director

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Jul 5, 2023


Rainbow Community Center’s board of directors is ecstatic to announce Christian Aguirre as their next Executive Director.

Aguirre brings over a decade of programming, outreach and community engagement. Some of his focuses include project planning and implementation that cover multiple programs such as HIV prevention, mental health, youth programming, fundraising, trainings, food pantry services, social media content creation, volunteer services and older adults programming. He also identifies as a gay immigrant, who's first language is Spanish and a brown Latina activist drag queen.

Before accepting the Executive Director position at Rainbow Community Center, Christian served as the Adult and Family Program Director by overseeing four programs: Older Adults, HIV/STI Prevention, Food Pantry and Volunteers.

“Being a youth program participant at Rainbow Community Center really piqued my interest in learning about the art of philanthropy, volunteering and program creation. Seeing my LGBTQIA+ community suffer through multiple system infrastructures has pushed me to involve community members and leaders to build more services that meet the needs of people that identify under multiple intersecting identities.", Christian shares.



Robyn Kuslits

Board President

Robyn Kuslits, Board President, said “I am very excited the Board of Directors chose to hire Christian. Nobody is better at building relationships, a crucial skill needed as we pursue our strategic plan to lead with partnerships. Christian has experienced Rainbow at all levels: client, volunteer, manager, and director, and brings these perspectives to his new leadership role. His commitment to Rainbow and its mission is unmatched. I am so proud of Christian and can't wait to see him lead Rainbow as we expand to meet the needs of our community!”

Visiting Rainbow Community Center for the first time was immensely meaningful to Christian as a 14 year old. He was very grateful to connect with LGBTQIA+ youth, counselors, peers, mentors, community leaders and staff that embraced him, acknowledged him and believed in nourishing his potential to continue the legacy of Rainbow Community Center.

Christian is also a skilled professional makeup artist and hair stylist that enjoys connecting with his clients by creating beautiful looks for their special occasions. He is the owner of a small business named C&A Creations where he has had the honor to create his own eyelash collection and work with various Latinx celebrities such as Jacqueline Andere, Ninel Conde, Fedro, and the Mexican superstars Tatiana & Alicia Villarreal. Last but not least, Christian is also known as Bella Aldama, a Latina Bay Area drag queen performer that enjoys hosting and planning events, while celebrating race and culture. She continues to educate and share information on how to prevent HIV and has visited over 20 cities leading Drag Queen Story Hour events for all families.


Dorann “Dodi” Zotigh, CST, MS

Interim Executive Director, Trainer


For the last six months, Dodi Zotigh has been supporting Rainbow leadership as the Interim Executive Director while the team utilized Motus Recruiting to conduct its search for the next steward of the organization. She was integral to maintaining stakeholder relationships and advocating with local city and county leaders. Along with guiding and providing training for Rainbow’s leadership team and Board of Directors, Dodi attended major fundraising events, met with staff when needed, and worked to balance the organization’s budget - all while working her regular full time job and being a mother of two little ones! Dodi’s dedication and passion for Rainbow and serving the LGBTQIA+ community is very much appreciated by the staff, leadership, and Board! 


Speaking about the transition from her leadership, Dodi said: “I’m honored to be passing the baton to Christian Aguirre and so glad that the Board of Directors and staff have recognized his steadfast leadership. Christian is poised to take on this new role at Rainbow where he can grow as an LGBTQIA+ community leader. During these times where the rhetoric against our community continues to increase in vitriol and anti-trans legislation is at an all time high, we need folks who understand what is at stake, have empathy, ask the right questions, pull in and uplift the talent of our community, and who are willing to push through challenges even when they seem insurmountable - that’s what Christian will do. No one knows how to throw shade and get it done like a drag queen - so when needed he has his drag persona, Bella Aldama, to lean into as well! I’m so excited to have Christian step into the Executive Director shoes - I know he’ll wear them with style, poise, and fierceness!”.

Rainbow builds community, equity, and well-being among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning and Intersex (LGBTQIA+) people & our allies. We envision a society that advocates for and celebrates gender and sexual diversity, racial justice, safety, and liberation for all through healing centered engagement.


Rainbow transcends its vision from inclusive to expansive*, as we will be able to represent by centering and reaching a wider scope of Marginalized LGBTQIA+ and Intersectional Identities more effectively.

To learn more about our services or to give a gift to support Rainbow Community Center’s essential work, visit our donate page.



Dodi Zotigh

Interim Executive Director


Robyn Kuslits

Board President

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