Rainbow Community Center’s Training Department endeavors to educate, empower, and create allies by offering training, coaching, and other institutions in Contra Costa County. We envision a world where LGBTQ people’s dignity is honored and respected in every part of the public and private spheres in which they contribute to society and encounter others.

For more information about our training partnership with Planned Parenthood NorCal, see below!

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Types of Trainings


What we offer: Support for Students, Support for Educators, Support for Organizations, Support for Healthcare Providers and Mental Health Professionals

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LGBTQ+ 101/201

Gender 101/201

Support for Schools

Support for Youth

Support for Providers

Support for Businesses

LGBTQ+ Seniors

We offer LGBTQ and Gender/Pronoun 101 trainings that fulfill California State Law requirements for many industries, including:


  • Skilled Nursing Facility Providers (Title 22)


  • Law Enforcement (AB 2504)


  • How to implement California Laws that protect students, including coverage of AB 1266, Seth's Law, Comprehensive Sex Education, Title IX, and more...



We also offer trainings on other topics including:


  • Intersectionality, Power, and Privilege


  • Confronting Microaggressions



  • Resisting the Cycle of Oppression



  • Being an Ally to Multiple Communities

2019 Rainbow Community Center & Planned Parenthood Joint Training

Rainbow Community Center and Planned Parenthood NorCal are pleased to announce our partnership in offering joint LGBTQ-inclusive, health-focused training to educators in Contra Costa County through 2019. These trainings are intended for teachers, coaches, and administrators who are responsible for health-related curriculum and activities. Natalia Tocino, Senior Health Education Specialist at Planned Parenthood, has over 20 years’ experience in sexual health education, and regularly provides comprehensive sexual education classes to students all over Contra Costa County. Kelsey Pacha, Training Director at Rainbow Community Center, has over a decade of experience providing education on sexuality, gender, and mental health, and regularly provides LGBTQ and Gender/Pronoun inclusivity training to schools, non-profits, and other providers around the Bay Area.

We offer joint trainings on subjects including:

  • LGBTQ 101 (dimensions of gender and sexuality, sexuality/gender development in the life span, terminology, health disparities, laws that protect LGBTQ students)

  • Gender/Pronoun 101 (dimensions of gender, terms, practice using gender-neutral pronouns, roleplay how to correct after misgendering someone, laws, best practices)

  • Providing LGBTQ- (or Gender-) Inclusive Sex/Puberty Education (using appropriate anatomical language, safe sex for a range of identities, community resources)

  • Gender inclusivity for physical education (state testing, gender-neutral activities)

  • Implementing AB1266, the School Success and Opportunity Act (how to create safe facilities for transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary students)

  • Implementing SB 71, the California Comprehensive Sexual Health and HIV Prevention Act (how to provide LGBTQ-relevant and HIV-preventative sex education curriculum)

  • How to interface with parents and other community stakeholders

If you are interested in more information regarding training, or would like to schedule a training, please contact Kelsey Pacha at or (925) 692-0090 ext 303 or Natalia Tocino at or  (925) 887-5238.


Meet our Trainers

Kelsey Pacha

Training Director

Christopher Holden

Senior Program Manager

Daphnee Valdez
Youth Services Director

Rae Messer, ACSW

Youth Outreach Counselor

Mayela Zuniga
Training Specialist

Micah Rea

Clinical Program Manager


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