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Share the Spirit:  Rainbow works to support  community

December 2020

Concord-based program helps homeless youth find places to start anew.



The power of song can bring us together

December 2020 

A dining hall booms with prideful voices singing the bridge of what has become one of my favorite participatory group songs, while each person awaits their table’s created verse to be featured.



Share the Spirit:  Program helps LGBTQ youth

December 2019

Sometimes young people have been asked by their families to move out, sometimes because the families can’t accept their sexuality or deal with their traumatic experiences. 



Freddie finds hope under the Rainbow

December 2019

The Rainbow Community Center strives to promote community and personal well-being, but each person’s journey is different.

Today, I want to share 23-year-old Freddie’s experience with Rainbow:



Merging faith, LGBTQI+ identity can be challenging

November 2019

It can be difficult to unify one’s faith with sexuality or gender identities, especially when you fall under the LGBTQI umbrella.



Cheer SF team delights the crowd at Concord Pride

June 2019

Cheer SF is a volunteer cheer leading team which has been entertaining crowds and dedicated to community philanthropy since 1980. 


Rainbow pride flag rises in Antioch 

June 12, 2019

ANTIOCH - While the Antioch City Council was still meeting Tuesday night, LGBTQ supporters went outside and raised the rainbow pride flag outside City Hall as soon as they got the OK.


Pioneer- Flag, festival brings PRIDE to Concord

June 21, 2019

The warm breeze was right on point for the LGBTQ Pride flag raising ceremony at Concord City Hall on May 31, as a sizeable crowd gathered to honor the occasion.


Talking to the Drag Queen Who Pissed Off Sohrab Ahmari by Reading to Kids

June 13, 2019

Christian Aguirre is a drag queen in California who goes by Bella Aldama. Bella, or Miss Bella, as she’s known to her younger fans, frequently headlines “Drag Queen Story Hours” at public libraries, where she reads books to children. 

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Director of Programs & Training Director on AM 1170 Radio Zindagi

May 2019

Jaagte Raho celebrated PRIDE this week with Daphnee Valdez & Kelsey Pacha. They share with us their own journey of how got to where they are…and in that, give us a glimpse of what our youth can experience in absence of an inclusive community.

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Antioch Puts Off Vote to Raise Gay Pride Rainbow Flag

May 29, 2019

Antioch city leaders postponed their vote on whether to raise the gay pride flag after Tuesday night's City Council meeting got heated.

The council decided instead to draft a resolution on the issue and take a vote in two weeks.