Volunteer at Rainbow

The Rainbow Community Center’s volunteer program is the cornerstone of our ability to provide support programs and services to our LGBTQ+ community in Contra Costa County. Volunteers like you are an indispensable part of our mission of building community, fostering physical and mental wellness, and creating safe, welcoming spaces.


Your volunteer work directly and positively impacts the lives of thousands of community members in Contra Costa County through community engagement at events, administration and facilitation of groups and programs, and interaction with our community members.

For more information about our volunteer program,

contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 925.692.0090 ext 315 or at volunteer@rainbowcc.org

Volunteer Opportunities

The RCC makes sure we have plenty of events, programs, and services for volunteers to help out with!

Many of these programs include:

  • Senior Luncheons/Senior Programs Helper*

  • Annual Programs*

  • Kind Hearts Food Pantry*

  • Thrift Store*

  • Center clean ups/remodeling 

  • Administration and/or Front Desk

  • Marketing & Outreach

  • And many more!

(please email volunteer@rainbowcc.org for more opportunities or ideas)​

*we are only accepting these opportunities at the moment

Additional information


TrackitForward is how we, at Rainbow, keep track of volunteer hours. We ask volunteers to make sure to write down emails and passwords used--we cannot retrieve forgotten information.

Log hours here: https://www.trackitforward.com/site/rainbow-community-center

Volunteer Orientations

The Rainbow Community Center is proud to have volunteers represent our continued mission serving the Contra Costa Community. We hold annual Volunteer Orientations (in April, March or May) to better prepare our volunteers to continue their dedication and work here at the RCC. 

These orientations are trainings that cover subjects such as: Queer 101, Trans Education, Crisis Intervention, Creating Safe Spaces and Safe Boundaries, and more.

Please email volunteer@rainbowcc.org about the details of the orientations.

Annual Volunteer Appreciation Event

The Rainbow Center is dedicated to show that we LOVE and APPRECIATE our volunteers more than we can say! We hold an Appreciation Event every year for our all our dedicated volunteers! 

Please email volunteer@rainbowcc.org about the details of the appreciation event.


Q: Why do I need to fill out an application?

A: The application is the best way we, Rainbow, can further understand the volunteer services you want to provide, as well as, place you in a program/field where we see best fits your service

Q: Why do I need a TrackitForward account?

A: The RCC is proud to showcase YOUR continued service and this also helps our sponsors/providers/supporters understand and see the dedication and services our volunteers put into our center. We also use TrackitForward to keep our volunteers engaged of opportunities, upcoming volunteer services, and socials

Q: What if I can only volunteer a few days at a time?

A: At the Rainbow Center, we always need the help as much as we can get! The Volunteer Coordinator will further discuss where we can place you.

Q: What if I only want to volunteer at Annual Events?

A: Great! Our annual events are Rainbow's biggest fundraising events! We need all the help we get! We coordinate weeks in advance for these events, so please look out for those emails!

Q: How long does the application process take?

A: After you send an email to the Volunteer Coordinator, it should take 3-5 days for a response. If you have not heard a response back in more than seven days, please resend the email.